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Dance floor hire is now available at Berkshire Marquees, London's low cost event hire company! Dance floors are ideal for birthday parties, christmas parties, weddings, and many other events. With its high polish finish, our dance floors look the part at any event and will have your guests dancing the night away! These dance floors come in small sections that lock together to fit almost any size room. Berkshire Marquees specialise in event furniture hire and services, bringing dance floors to the masses at affordable rental prices. Our standard dance floors are black, parquet and black and white chequered.

Dance floors can be placed directly onto an existing flat surface. The flatter the surface, the better the rigidity of the floor. On grass, if there is some undulation, we can lay a wooden under-floor to provide a leveled surface with the more solid base. One square metre fits two people dancing (roughly) so the size of the dance floor should be able to accommodate half your guests dancing at any one time. For parties predominantly for younger people, you might want to increase the size slightly.

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