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Create many desired themes by:

Berkshire Marquees which can level on all types of ground and end up creating a solid floor which has a wooden finish, when covered with carpet gives a luxury and warmer interior. In other finishes contract carpets can be used with a plastic sheet which protects the flooring, and can be used for a more standard finish for basic marquee setups. New contract carpets are available in a range of different colors..

The optimum choice is a full interlocking boarded floor throughout the marquee, carpeted with new carpet from our full colour range. This will enhance any colour scheme to give impact on your event.For the more budget conscious then we can supply a cleaned used carpet which will co-ordinate with any colour schemes and is more than adequate for many events.

The flooring can be of different types as:

  • Wooden Flooring :
  • Wooden floors with a carpet overlay provide a professional and seamless finish, highly recommended for your Corporate marquee events, wedding marquees and other events.

  • Carpet flooring :
  • Carpets are a popular choice to add a luxurious feel to your event.You can also match your marquee lining hire with your carpet colours. We offer two carpet hiring options:
    1. The brand new carpet for your event.
    2. The carpet which is once or twice used in other events.

  • Dance flooring:
  • Dance floors can be placed directly onto an existing flat surface. The flatter the surface, the better the rigidity of the floor. On grass, if there is some undulation, we can lay a wooden under-floor to provide a more solid base.

    This is your special day that you wishes to be memorable in every sense. With a picture in your mind, our aim is to create a marquee that fulfils this image and provides the setting and atmosphere that you and your quests will long remember. So, the very important aspect for your event is florring.

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